David Datuna was born in 1974, February 10, in Georgia, Tbilisi. After finishing school in 1991 he entered the University to the Department of Jurisprudence and Journalism. At the same time he started attending the school at the Institute of Art in Krasnodar city. David Datuna moved to New York In 1999. In New York he made a definitive decision to devote himself to Art. It was during his employment at an optical store in New York that the idea of creating his first installations came to his mind at that very place. Modern life, with all its manifestations, that is reconstructed with the help of Conceptual installation – is a main subject in David Datuna’s works. Art works of David Datuna are classified as neo-pop or post-pop tendency, that arose in 80-th as a reaction to Conceptualism and Minimalism.